Abysmal Torment

"Epoch Of Methodic Carnage"
Brutal Bands Records, 2006

  1. Relapse Into Sickness
  2. Addicted to Smothered Throats
  3. Flayed, Dismembered and Feasted Upon
  4. Wretched Stagnant Blood
  5. Befouled with Zest
  6. Epoch Of Methodic Carnage
  7. Death Bound Conundrum
  8. Lurid Iniquity
  9. Battered Into Nothingness
  10. Gratification Through Castration
Abysmal Torment: Epoch Of Methodic Carnage

"Incised Wound Suicide"
Self Released, 2005

  1. Vile Putrescent Dilapidated Mortal Remains Lying In The Morgue
  2. Sawed In Half
  3. Showcase of Dangled Flesh
  4. Incised Wound Suicide
  5. Grotesquely Maimed And Cranially Disfigured
Abysmal Torment: Incised Wound Suicide