"Serenity In Fire"
Century Media, 2004

  1. The Ambassador Of Pain
  2. The Resurrected
  3. As I Slither
  4. For All Our Sins
  5. The Night They Returned
  6. Serenity In Fire
  7. Blood On The Swans
  8. 10 Seconds From The End
  9. The Tragedy I Preach
  10. Under The Bleeding Sun
Kataklysm: Serenity In Fire

"Shadows And Dust"
Century Media, 2002

  1. Shadows And Dust
  2. Beyond Salvation
  3. Illuminati
  4. Chronicles Of The Damned
  5. Bound In Chains
  6. Where The Enemy Sleeps...
  7. Centuries (Beneath The Dark Waters)
  8. Face The Face Of War
  9. Years Of Enlightment/Decades In Darkness
  10. Inside The Material Flesh [bonus track on US-version]
Kataklysm: Shadows And Dust